Monday, July 28, 2008

Living the Dream

Saturday was a day o' Disney.

Despite the fact that we used to live within minutes of Disneyland and could see the nightly firework show from our house, some of us had never ever been! (Okay, and one parent used to work at Disneyland, for heaven's sake.)

So, here are the results....

Favorite Rides
Geoff: Hall of Presidents
Amy: Space Mountain
Annika: Splash Mountain
Colin: Space Mountain
Tait: Splash Mountain
Brian: Splash Mountain

Most Terrifying Moment
losing Brian during the fireworks show

Most Terrific Moment
finding Brian a half an hour later

Splash Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain

Jessie, Geoff, and Woody
Frontierland BFFs

Amy and Annika "living the dream," dreaming of all things Jonas!

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