Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Guy and the Playahs

You may recall that a certain child of mine is doing a certain internship in a certain capital city. Dr. Barry H. Corey
Senator John Thune
Which leads to certain meetings with certain university presidents and certain US senators.
Based on the evidence I can surmise one thing. Mr. Thune must be a tall drink of water. Unless he's standing on a box. These are the interns from Biola, the Biola president and his wife, and the distinguished Biola alumnus serving South Dakota in the Senate.

Dear Mr. Fact Checker (and I use Mr. in the most generic sense because I know you are just as likely to be a Ms.),
I'm including a note for you because I know you will come for a visit. So, hi, how are ya? How's the weather in DC? Are you an intern or paid staff? Did you get a chance to attend the inauguration? Feel free to chime in and leave a comment, unless of course that sort of thing is frowned upon in the office. You can see I'm very nice, I didn't say mean things about your senator, and I'm just a proud mama. I'm sure your mama is proud of you too, but maybe she doesn't embarrass the heck outta you by posting your every move on her silly blog. Geoff would tell you to thank your lucky stars. One more question: how did you land your job? Pushy enquiring mothers want to know.
Love, Big Guy's Mommy

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This game happened last Saturday. I'm still getting over it. Let's just say the Pirates we are not.
I'm not even going to tell you the score, because I'm trying to erase it from my memory. This Saturday we play the best team in the league. Thank goodness Brian will be at camp. As you can see, I haven't mastered the indoor high speed action shot. If I could just convince those silly boys to stand still, I could take much better pictures.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday, part 2

What a crazy week this has been! Soon (and I won't say tomorrow, because I guess you know how my tomorrow promises have been working out) I'll fill you in on all the crafty projects I've been working on. For now, more birthday pics....
Amy managed to pose with each and every one of us. This one just proves that a certain 16-year-old has been growing like a weed. Yes, he has passed her up.

Brian is still working on his Greek god pose. Oh, it's so hard not to smile!
I'll show you this one just to prove I have no shame (or vanity). Gray hair, wrinkles, and I still can't open my eyes. Note to self: when you have issues such as mine, it does not behoove you to pose next to a gorgeous 2o-year-old. Oh well. The things we do for love.

Here she is with dear old dad.

Tait was living up to his name ("IrriTAITing") so we had to grab him and mete out some justice.
Serves the little stinker right!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Season Is Officially Open

This week marks the opening of birthday season in the Radcliffe household, and I ask you, are 24 pictures of Amy's Awesome Hippy Birthday Party too much for one post? Yeah, I figured that's what you would say. I'll try to pare it down a bit. But it's gonna be hard. Because there were at least 50 college students crammed into her tiny little house, and there was lots for me to document. So here goes. She's turnin' 20 on Saturday, but will be counselling at winter camp for 5th and 6th graders, so we partayed a little early.She shared this party with her friend Aubreigh who is also turning 20 this week. Being that they are only 20, and that the majority of these kids are Amy's Campus Crusade friends, no alcohol was involved. Kinda unusual for ASU, but there ya go. Sober fun. It can happen.There was dancing in the backyard

and a firepit for smores. Do you know how a creative college student sets up a firepit in her backyard?

It involves a barbecue grill with no legs or grill.

You'll have to think like a college student to figure out the rest. Note the abundance of tie-dye.

They dragged practically every stick of furniture they owned outside, so they would have more seating around the fire, and more space inside the house. Here's Colin hangin' with the college guys.
This was the scene inside the house. There were pretty much people everywhere!I cooked and served food like a mad should've seen those starving students scarf down 13 pounds of teriyaki wings!
Then we totally surprised Amy...privately, of course.
This is her new toy.
Well, there you have it. I cut the number of pictures down to 12. You know what that means. Stay tuned for birthday post, continued!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Frosty Laugh

This post is for all my northern friends. Yeah, and my midwestern friends. Just not my Southern California friends; you guys are not allowed to laugh.
Last week it was a wee bit cold around here.
Let me remind you that I live in Arizona. And I grew up in Southern California.

Right after I graduated from college, I moved to Northern California (a different state, really) to teach English. One day there was frost on my windshield. I had absolutely no idea what to do about it; in fact, had never even seen frost before. I went back inside and told the family I was staying with that I guessed I couldn't go to work that day.
Here's the part where you realize what a complete idiot I am.
Or you take pity on the innocent, inexperienced girl that I once was.
Mr. Welty then introduced me to the wonders of a credit card.
Oh the joy that little bit of plastic brings!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

B Ball Skillz

You know what comes after football season...right?

Yeppers, it's time to hit the boards.
Now this is a sport I understand.

You know, having played it and all.

Okay, well I played rather badly, but I played. As did my dad and brothers. So when I get in a gym and hear the sound of sneakers squeaking on a glossy wooden floor, it all comes back to me.
I can even cheer in a somewhat intelligent fashion.
Here is my baby gettin' all aggressive. Oh yeah, this is my ball and you can't have it.

Now, I spent all fall learning how to follow a football game with my camera. You know, anticipating the play, framing the shot, catching the action. I figure I'm one step ahead of the game for basketball season in that I have some sense of the game. However, most of my pictures turned out really crappy and unfocused. So back to the drawing board. It looks like I'll be spending another season improving my skillz.
This next picture happened completely by accident, but I kind of like how it turned out!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Basketball Love

Today was an unusual Valentines Day for us. No hearts. No candy. No flowers. Instead, we had basketballs.

Giant ones.

Plushie ones.

Here Brian shows off his skillz. It was just a little warm up for him, prior to his game.
In case you haven't figured it out, we attended the NBA Jam Session, thanks to our very generous neighbor who was working the event. Brian and I had to cut out a little early so he could make it to his own game. He was a little disappointed to leave, but as I pointed out to him, some people just watch the game and other people actually play it.

Here he is winning a round in the skills competition.

The event was held at the Phoenix Convention Center. Unfortunately, the vendors didn't bring in their dollar menus.
We opted to wait for dinner--8 bucks for a chicken nugget meal! I don't think so.
As we were walking through the convention center, I spotted a crowd of people with their cell phones and cameras flashing. Being the intrepid investigative journalist that I am, I felt the need to ummm, well...investigate...intrepidly.

We pushed into the crowd, snapping away. See all the security? Can you spot the celebrity? I'll give you a little hint. He's got a bling of a ring.
And a rock in his ear.

Figured it out yet? Yeah, well we're so unhip, we had to ask. Because that's what investigative journalists do when they're in a pinch. They ask. So, I'm here to report (intrepidly, of course) that Busta Rhymes made an appearance at the Jam Session.

Now, this guy I know. I mean I know who he is. I don't actually know him. But if I saw him I wouldn't have to ask.