Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tattered Recipes

It's getting close to the end of the week, and we're running out of stuff, like eggs. That's when cooking gets fun! I like the creative challenge of making something yummy from whatever I can find in the kitchen.
Okay, well, sometimes I like that creative challenge; I guess it just depends. Not really sure what it depends on, but it just does. Today I was up to the challenge. No eggs, and I needed something sweet. Leave it to reliable ol' Betty Crocker to come up with the goods.

Hot Fudge Sundae Cake, page 258.
You mix all the dry ingredients straight in the pan. Then you dump in the milk, oil, and vanilla, and stir it all together in the pan. (Did I happen to mention that you do all this in the pan, which, of course, means one less dirty dish. Hey! I'm all about less dirty dishes!) At this point your 16-year-old son comes in and makes disgusting remarks about the appearance of your awesome dessert, upon which you inform him that you are not obligated to share with him if he's going to be so rude.

The next step is kind of weird. First you sprinkle brown sugar over the batter, then you sprinkle unsweetened cocoa powder over that. Check out this awesome action shot.

The next step is even weirder. (I have decided that the word "weirder" is truly one of the weirdest words out there. The more you look at it, the weirder it looks. Just look at it. Weird!Ack, I'm freaking myself out.)
Weirdness aside, you pour hot water over the whole thing, and you don't mix it.

This is when your 13-year-old son wanders in because he can smell sugar from a mile away and mentions that it smells like hot chocolate. He is not rude. He will be partaking of this awesome dessert.

Now, I can't show you what it looked like straight out of the oven, because I do have a life. A life in which I must drive. All over creation, to be exact. So elder son redeemed himself and pulled it out of the oven for me. I guess I'll let him have a piece after all.

This is the awesome yumminess that is hot fudge sundae cake. Only vanilla ice cream could have made it more sublime.


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Saw *you're* post on pamperingbecki's blog about grammar making you want to tear *you're* hair out.
Check out my blog-post I did last year :

*your* very welcome to stop by and leave a comment ;o)

(I've done a doozy one about grammar today too)

PamperingBeki said...

That looks heavenly right now!

Sam Talbert said...

I think that recipe is still in my file box from years ago. It was called Texas Sheet Cake. When I get back from the quilt shop I'll look it up, that will distract me so I won't have to clean.

Brooke said...

wow... that looks amazing! I'm always looking for recipes when I don't have *anything* normal to bake/cook with...
I have a really old BC cookbook; I'll have to check if it's there- if not, maybe you could send it along?? :o)
OH, there's one my Mom used to make, too, that was WONDERFUL called Eggless Raisin Cake. Have you ever had it?? Perfect "School's Done For The Day" cake.

rachel the krafty girl said...

that looks so delicious!i would love to be able to make that.
i dont suppose you would be ever so kind as to send along the ingrediants for this tasty delight??=)=)

btw just happened to find your blog and i love it!!