Saturday, February 14, 2009

Basketball Love

Today was an unusual Valentines Day for us. No hearts. No candy. No flowers. Instead, we had basketballs.

Giant ones.

Plushie ones.

Here Brian shows off his skillz. It was just a little warm up for him, prior to his game.
In case you haven't figured it out, we attended the NBA Jam Session, thanks to our very generous neighbor who was working the event. Brian and I had to cut out a little early so he could make it to his own game. He was a little disappointed to leave, but as I pointed out to him, some people just watch the game and other people actually play it.

Here he is winning a round in the skills competition.

The event was held at the Phoenix Convention Center. Unfortunately, the vendors didn't bring in their dollar menus.
We opted to wait for dinner--8 bucks for a chicken nugget meal! I don't think so.
As we were walking through the convention center, I spotted a crowd of people with their cell phones and cameras flashing. Being the intrepid investigative journalist that I am, I felt the need to ummm, well...investigate...intrepidly.

We pushed into the crowd, snapping away. See all the security? Can you spot the celebrity? I'll give you a little hint. He's got a bling of a ring.
And a rock in his ear.

Figured it out yet? Yeah, well we're so unhip, we had to ask. Because that's what investigative journalists do when they're in a pinch. They ask. So, I'm here to report (intrepidly, of course) that Busta Rhymes made an appearance at the Jam Session.

Now, this guy I know. I mean I know who he is. I don't actually know him. But if I saw him I wouldn't have to ask.

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