Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Time

So, here in no particular order, I show you what we have been doing for the past 6 weeks.

Notice how it doesn't involve any cleaning.

This is me supervising that deck change. We've had one unfortunate incident and let me just say that no one really wants a repeat of that hiney flashing! Can't quite convince them to do their changing in a slightly more private place. Notice that a cousin of the female persuasion is wondering why Aunt Lori doesn't get control of the situation and make her boys change at home. Aunt Lori is wondering why she let Grandpa take such an unflattering picture of her and where is the local Weight Watchers because it's obvious she needs to go back.

Remember, I said they were in no particular order. That's code talk for "I'm too lazy to go upstairs and write this post on the computer that allows me to drag photos where I want them."

Now, didn't Gramps do a great job with these pictures? I would take awesome pictures too, if only....

Remember that really cool long lens I got for my birthday last year? I know, I know. I'm still cryin' in my virtual beer that I lost my camera bag.

Meanwhile, the boys made the most of the extra month of summer vacation they got this year, thanks to California schools starting in September as opposed to the beginning of August. We gloat now, but we'll be moaning next June when all our Arizona friends finish a month before we do.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Settling In

Heading west...

What should have taken about 6 hours stretched into 9. It was Annika's first road trip as a driver. Needless to say, we stopped a lot. Here she is multi-tasking as the official caravan photographer. I had to call her up more than once and ask her to get off my tail. I think she was afraid I was going to ditch her somewhere out in the desert. Hmmm...maybe we've threatened the kids with that line a few too many times!

Our new casa in Dana Point

In the absence of having my own camera (yep, still missing) I'm going to try to explain the layout of the house using Annika's pictures. It's a bit confusing, but here goes. This is the gate you walk in as you enter the house. In this photo we're looking back toward the street. The garage is on the left and the casita (Annika's room) is on the right.

Okay, stay in the same spot but turn around. Now you are facing the front door.

Still standing in relatively the same place, look to your right. That's the entry to the kitchen, which you can also access from the garage. The boxes are for ambience.

Entering the front door, you see the living room, as well as a few more boxes.

This is the view from the stair landing.

I don't have pictures of all the bedrooms. Well, I do, but they're boring. As are the pictures of the bathrooms.

Here is the back patio. We put the basketball hoop here just for the time being, because we can't put it in front of the garage as per the HOA. It is nonfunctional in this location also, since that wall you see behind it isn't actually a wall, but in reality the next door neighbor's house. Gotta love those California lots where they pack the houses in tight!

Another picture of the patio and our view...awesome!

Unpacking the kitchen...not so awesome.

And there you have it. We'll be here for about 4 months while we try to sell our Arizona home and find a permanent place to settle here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're Here!

I once read a blog where the mom blogger (who had 5 kids by the way) moved cross country. Not such a big deal, until I tell you that she posted every day more than once throughout the whole move. She didn't miss a beat! I'm baffled and comfuzzled as to how this is even humanly possible.

I, on the other hand, am a complete wreck. Boxes are still littering every room, the whole house smells like cardboard, and the kitchen is set up in the most illogical traffic pattern imaginable. To top it all off, certain key items have not been located, the most worrisome being my camera bag and all its cool contents. I'm kicking myself that we didn't leave the camera in the shop in Scottsdale, because then I would know where it is, but no, we thought we would take it in for service once we got relocated. Well, I guess we will take it in for service, when we find it.

Meanwhile, we continue to unpack, spend time at the beach, and explore our new community.

By the way, now that we no longer live in Scottsdale I'm not worried about posting the following information. I wanted to post it earlier but, you know, internet safety and all. I wouldn't want to wake up murdered in my bed after all.

Here's my old house. We're still trying to sell or lease it. Any takers?