Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Guy and the Playahs

You may recall that a certain child of mine is doing a certain internship in a certain capital city. Dr. Barry H. Corey
Senator John Thune
Which leads to certain meetings with certain university presidents and certain US senators.
Based on the evidence I can surmise one thing. Mr. Thune must be a tall drink of water. Unless he's standing on a box. These are the interns from Biola, the Biola president and his wife, and the distinguished Biola alumnus serving South Dakota in the Senate.

Dear Mr. Fact Checker (and I use Mr. in the most generic sense because I know you are just as likely to be a Ms.),
I'm including a note for you because I know you will come for a visit. So, hi, how are ya? How's the weather in DC? Are you an intern or paid staff? Did you get a chance to attend the inauguration? Feel free to chime in and leave a comment, unless of course that sort of thing is frowned upon in the office. You can see I'm very nice, I didn't say mean things about your senator, and I'm just a proud mama. I'm sure your mama is proud of you too, but maybe she doesn't embarrass the heck outta you by posting your every move on her silly blog. Geoff would tell you to thank your lucky stars. One more question: how did you land your job? Pushy enquiring mothers want to know.
Love, Big Guy's Mommy