Sunday, February 15, 2009

B Ball Skillz

You know what comes after football season...right?

Yeppers, it's time to hit the boards.
Now this is a sport I understand.

You know, having played it and all.

Okay, well I played rather badly, but I played. As did my dad and brothers. So when I get in a gym and hear the sound of sneakers squeaking on a glossy wooden floor, it all comes back to me.
I can even cheer in a somewhat intelligent fashion.
Here is my baby gettin' all aggressive. Oh yeah, this is my ball and you can't have it.

Now, I spent all fall learning how to follow a football game with my camera. You know, anticipating the play, framing the shot, catching the action. I figure I'm one step ahead of the game for basketball season in that I have some sense of the game. However, most of my pictures turned out really crappy and unfocused. So back to the drawing board. It looks like I'll be spending another season improving my skillz.
This next picture happened completely by accident, but I kind of like how it turned out!

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