Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Season Is Officially Open

This week marks the opening of birthday season in the Radcliffe household, and I ask you, are 24 pictures of Amy's Awesome Hippy Birthday Party too much for one post? Yeah, I figured that's what you would say. I'll try to pare it down a bit. But it's gonna be hard. Because there were at least 50 college students crammed into her tiny little house, and there was lots for me to document. So here goes. She's turnin' 20 on Saturday, but will be counselling at winter camp for 5th and 6th graders, so we partayed a little early.She shared this party with her friend Aubreigh who is also turning 20 this week. Being that they are only 20, and that the majority of these kids are Amy's Campus Crusade friends, no alcohol was involved. Kinda unusual for ASU, but there ya go. Sober fun. It can happen.There was dancing in the backyard

and a firepit for smores. Do you know how a creative college student sets up a firepit in her backyard?

It involves a barbecue grill with no legs or grill.

You'll have to think like a college student to figure out the rest. Note the abundance of tie-dye.

They dragged practically every stick of furniture they owned outside, so they would have more seating around the fire, and more space inside the house. Here's Colin hangin' with the college guys.
This was the scene inside the house. There were pretty much people everywhere!I cooked and served food like a mad should've seen those starving students scarf down 13 pounds of teriyaki wings!
Then we totally surprised Amy...privately, of course.
This is her new toy.
Well, there you have it. I cut the number of pictures down to 12. You know what that means. Stay tuned for birthday post, continued!

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Milah said...

So in Part 2, do the cops get called and u'all had to turn the music down, and the cops left scratching their heads 'cause they didn't smell any alcohol? What's wrong with these teenagers? LOL!