Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Anatomy of a Taco Salad

Number 1 ingredient: Tortilla chips. Mission brand is the best. Store brand just like Mission brand is second best. Tostitos are okay, but a little on the flimsy side. Under no circumstance should you use Fritos. That is a different dish altogether. (We call it Frito Pie, and while it is scrum-dilly-icious, it is not taco salad.)

Number 2 ingredient: lettuce. I like bagged salad mix because I am about as lazy as they come.

Number 3 ingredient: the meat and bean mix. Ground beef and Lawry's taco seasoning. Pretty dang easy. Stir in a can of drained pinto beans, but be forewarned that Tait will pick out all the beans.

The toppings: a nice handful of shredded cheese, a healthy dollop of sour cream, and a generous drizzle of hot sauce. Pico Pica is the best, but Tapatio will work in a pinch.

Mix it all together and enjoy.

Taco salad at our house means one of two things. Grandma and Grandpa are here, or Geoff is home. This time it's Geoffo. The big guy has returned from Politician Land, and at least one little brother was happy to have his big brother back safe and sound!
And just for fun, we ended the evening with Strawberry Shortcake. Served properly upon a shortcake biscuit of course, just as strawberry shortcake is intended to be served.


Milah said...

Cute picture of the boys! I think Geoff was just as happy to see little brother.;D

Taco salad and strawberries look yummy!

Brooke said...

Our taco salad: Fritos! yummm... but it has to be the original ones, not the scoops or the spicy or anything like that; and you crush them up with your hands prior to the "toss". And Cole would have kittens if I added the beans in so they sit, ever so gingerly on the side for whomever would choose... :o)