Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Angie, My Craft Hope Baby

You may have noticed the Crafthope button I have on my sidebar. (If you're reading in google reader, you'll just have to click over and take a look!) I'm really excited about this organization and the opportunities they are providing for crafters to create for a cause.

I missed out on their first project, which was providing handmade dresses and shorts for kids in an orphanage, but I was able to participate in their doll drive which just wrapped up earlier in June. These dolls will be heading off to Nicaragua today, so you might just want to say a little prayer for their safe journey as well as for Eren, their human escort.

You can read all about the project here.

This is the doll I made for the project. I tried to find her in the mass of dolls on Eren's blog, but I just can't see her! I dunno, maybe one of the boys is sitting on her.

Here she is pre-hair. Don't you just love her sweet little ears?

Naked baby alert! I can't remember why I took the picture before I stuffed all the limbs, but there you have it--a bald baby with one gimpy leg.

Look, she just aged about 2 years! Her hair was quite a learning experience. I had serious doubts about the first yarn I chose, but it was so soft and curly. I sewed up a wig, then attached the wig to her head. About that time, my reservations were confirmed, as the yarn was literally falling apart in my hands as I finger combed her hair. I figured that would never do, as she is probably going to have to withstand rougher play than that! So I unattached all the hair and seriously contemplated leaving her bald, because....well, scroll up...those little ears are so darn cute!

In the end, I chose a really basic utility yarn that I already had in my craft cupboard from some Native American weaving project Brian had to do for school last year. I made another wig, but this time I cut it too short, so I had to make two more to completely cover her head. Let's just say Angie has a very full head of hair!
Here she is in her top and unders.

And with a little skirt.

I have to say, she is a huggable little thing!
The next Crafthope project is baby booties, caps, and blankies for three children's homes in India. Won't you consider participating?

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jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Man alive! Four sets of hair-pieces?!
You sure she's not off to Hollywood?!
We just sent our blankets, booties and hats off today funnily enough.