Thursday, July 2, 2009

Graduation Season, parts 1 and 2

(Biola Bell Tower)

Part, the First
The day started for us with a mad dash to California. The high school kids were supposed to be at school taking their finals, but we scrambled around and got them excused for the day (no small feat) so we could make it to graduation on time. Well, we just barely made it! We changed into nicer clothes in the car, then high tailed it over to the auditorium just in time to be seated. I'm not kidding you when I tell you we sat in the back row. And let me just add that taking pictures indoors with a zoom does not lead to the most quality photos. Or at least that's my excuse....

Here are some shots inside Sutherland Hall, where the Torrey Honors Institute graduation took place.
Part of the ceremony included what we affectionately called "The Bible Bonking."

Signing the book of membership

Geoff and Drew, just a couple of Torrey grads

Geoff, Johnny, Greg, and Drew

Part, the Second
The next day was the graduation ceremony for the general population of Biola.

Biola has a tradition of honoring graduates on the 50th anniversary of graduation. Guess which old geezer graduated from Biola in 1959? Yuppers, good old Gramps. Not only was he honored at the ceremony, but the university also reserved fantastic seats for the entire family!

Here are the two grads--old and new.

We didn't know who all of Dad's graduating class would show up, but it turned out to be a special day because we got to share it with Dad's long time friend, Buck Buchanan. Get this--they went to school together from 6th grade all the way through college and theological seminary.

Finally the big kid gets his moment with the president!

And, of course, after it is all over, little brothers have to try on the gear and dream of their own day in the sun.

Here is a video Dad put together chronicling the special day:

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What a wonderful day! Congratulations to the Grads!