Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amy's House

Amy has just moved into her own place down by the university. She's rooming with 4 other girls that I'll introduce to you in another post (just as soon as I meet them). So, Amy, why don't you show us around the place?

Amy: Okay, here is my new red door. But don't take a picture because my outfit clashes with it.

Amy: This is the front yard.
Mom: What's with the oleanders?
Amy: Don't know, but we're not supposed to mess with them.
Mom: Well, I guess you won't have to mow.

Mom: Nice driveway. What's with all the cigarette butts?
Amy: Probably from the last tenants. I don't know.

Amy: Isn't this great? It comes with a fridge!
Mom: Wow, it kind of dominates the kitchen.

Amy: And it comes with the TV and all this furniture.

Mom: Seriously small bathroom for 5 girls!
Amy: There's a second bathroom in Rebecca's room. She's gonna share.

Amy: And here's the backyard!
Mom: Wow! It's a lot bigger than I expected. I guess you can have a barbecue or something.
Amy: Yeah, we want to put in a dance floor.
(Did I mention she's going to ASU?)

Mom: Is this your laundry room?! Seriously?! What if it rains?
Amy: Mom, this is the desert. We get like 8 inches a year.

So there you have it, Amy's new place. Four bedrooms, two baths, laundry al fresco, proposed dance floor, and four great friends ready for adventure . . . everything a college girl needs!

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Maria said...

wonderful place! I like the al fresco laundry! Dance floor.....sounds VERY fun!