Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Easiest Dinner, EVER!

Dear Vegans (especially vegan nieces who might actually read this post):
Please stop right now. Do not scroll down. I repeat, do NOT scroll down. You will be deeply saddened and offended. Enough said.

Ok, meat lovers, at last we're alone. First, take any old cheapo cut of meat and throw it in the crockpot. This happens to be some kind of pork which I don't particularly like (ok, I despise pork, except in this recipe and of course bacon doesn't count because I love bacon and bbq pork is ok too; all right I guess I don't despise pork after all). Anyway, as I was saying, throw your cheapo meat into the crockpot.
Then add some of this stuff--vinegar and soy sauce in equal amounts. Put in as much garlic as your spouse will tolerate or more if you want some alone time. Real garlic is wonderful, but this stuff works in a pinch too, and you're gonna cook the heck out of this so I don't think fresh is gonna make that big of a difference. I'm just sayin'.
Four hours later on high this is what the pork looked like. You might need to go a little longer depending on the cut.
Fish the meat out of the sauce...
Start chunking it up in a bowl
until it looks like this.

Add more sauce if it seems a little dry. (Unfocused sauce tastes best.)

I could eat this plain out of the bowl, but we usually serve it up in soft tacos or burritos around here. You could get all fancy like my friend Colleen and run it under a broiler to get the little crispies around the edges and serve it with chopped cilantro and salsa fresca made with peppers and tomatoes from your garden, but then it wouldn't be the easiest dinner EVER now would it? So I say just slap it in a tortilla, throw in some cheese and Pico Pica sauce, and you're good to go!


CMSusie said...

I'm gonna try it. Sometimes crockpot recipes have a yucky smell, but this sounds yummy. I would like to get some kids involved in the shredding process.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I think I will try this with some of my deer meat. I love easy crock pot recipes.