Monday, September 29, 2008


So this is one of the coaches. The one that's yappin'. I have to confess, I didn't much like him at first. But what do I know about football and football coaches? And if there's one thing I've learned about being an athlete's mom, it's let the coach do his job. My job is to be the #1 fan.

On Saturday, Coach Taylor showed his true colors. Here's how it went down: we were winning, by a lot. As in, time for the mercy rule. Apparently there are league rules governing this mercy, and dire consequences for coaches who don't observe it. One of the dads was not feeling very merciful, and to say he was hoppin' mad would be a gross understatement. Words such as *&%$#& and **^$#@& were used quite loudly and directed at the coaching staff. The last time I heard and saw that kind of emotion at a kid's sporting event, knives and broken bottles were drawn in the parking lot, but that was in a different state and in a rougher neighborhood.

So how did Coach Taylor handle it?
Well, it was loud, but he's always loud.
And it was clean.
And he stood up for his player.
And he kept his cool.
And he followed the rule.
And he supported his team.
And all the boys saw it.
And all the parents.
And I've changed from dislike to respect.

Edited 10/1 to add: Mad dad apologized to the team last night at practice. Takes a big man!

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