Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Lunches

Usually, Monday school lunches are pretty good. Usually, because it's the start of the week and we're not completely depleted (like Fridays), we have a ton of choices and I can pack a fairly hefty offering. But this Monday, oh brother...I'm glad I didn't have to eat this lunch!

So, what do we have? Well, for our main dish, it's peanut butter and jelly on a dinner roll. And get this--it's not even real peanut butter! Nope, it's Mom's reduced fat Better 'n' Peanut Butter, which, quite frankly, is not better. Not even close. But a Weight Watchin' mama will do what she has to do, and eat what she has to eat. At least I gave the boys real boysenberry jam instead of my sugar free jelly (also nasty, in case you were wondering).

Then for our sides we have a little Chex Mix, some Teddy Grahams, and honeydew melon. Colin got a little something extra I found buried in the back of the freezer (shhh--don't tell Tait). I think it was some kind of chocolate covered ho-ho that someone gave to him at swim practice but it was melted so he brought it home to firm up in the freezer and forgot about it. Anyway, not exactly the most filling lunch for these growin' boys! Lest you worry that they're starving to death, they are at this very moment chowing down on whatever they can scramble up in the kitchen.

Maybe I was hoping a note would distract them from noticing how pitiful their lunches were today. I'm not entirely sure my diversion tactic was successful!


Brooke said...

Hey! There you are! I've been seeing your kids on FaceBook and read Annika's commet about you getting into blogging but was wanting to find your blog and here it is. :o)
SO nice to see what's going on with your family. They're growing up so beautifully- can't believe how much, too.
I keep meaning to blog lately and have been so over-whelmed! I'll book-mark your site and check back every so often.
Oh, a b.t.w.- I found your site because I Twitter and saw that Cathy Norton "follows" you and so now I follow you too. Hope that's ok :o) I'm, of course, brookestewart on Twitter. Can't wait until I have some time laer to go thru and take a peek at all of your pictures... that will be nice. All the best, Brooke

Brooke said...

nice typos, brooke.... nice.... :oD

Lori Radcliffe said...

hey neighbor! It's good to hear from you...hope all is well with your family! I still think of Mattie, JonJon, and Coley as little boys, but I've seen them on some Calvary sites and they is all growed up!