Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mowgli Gets a Trim

This is the Wild Child. The one who hasn't had a hair cut for two years. Two years. Until today.

As you can see, it was time. It was starting to naturally dread, primarily because someone wouldn't brush it. We call them dreadlocks, but Grandpa calls it a rat's nest.

Here is Mowgli, aka Johnny Tsunami, aka Samson, aka Wild Child, sitting in the chair at this fine institution. There would be a picture of the nice student Justin who performed today's honors, but somebody was embarrassed. I was lucky to snap this really quick before Wild Child shooed me away. No, he does not have his shirt on backwards or inside out; I think we may have finally outgrown that phase. This is actually a mirror image of W.C.

Ta da . . . the finished product!

Okay, Mom, you can stop now. You're interrupting Sponge Bob.


Sam Talbert said...

Grampa, who called it a 'rat's nest' says: if you are going to get it cut, get it cut! He still looks like Amy without freckles.

Lori Radcliffe said...

Comin' from an old bald guy such as yourself, I'm gonna say it's just the jealousy talking. And am I not remembering correctly, or were you not recently sporting hair long enough for a pony tail? :)

Sam Talbert said...

Do you remember your brothers haircut at that age? Although they didn't like it, I maintained then, as I do now, it is much easier to keep up and looks better.

Plus, I have found that 'pony tail' to be more of a hassle than it is worth. So, bye, bye long hair.