Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Okay, it all started 50 years ago, with the two old fogeys seated here. (Check out Dad's blog for the real scoop.) And the rest, they say, is history . . . .

Here's the result . . . . 14 crazy grandkids!

Grandma and her boys

Grandpa and his girls

Mommy and Me

Being the resourceful firefighter he is, Brian fixed breakfast for us all one morning (and no, he does not moonlight at Whole Foods in Campbell, although we all wish he could get us a discount at Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods).
Jenna takes a spin in the Sprite
while the boys ride off on a manly man adventure
Of course the weekend involved taking scads of family pics, most of which did not really turn out all that great. Something about getting everyone to look in the same direction proved to be quite the challenge. Could be the sleep deprivation.

Shelby, Zachary, Alyssa, and Jenna are fairly adept at looking at the camera.

Although, there's a goofball in every family.

Jon's family . . . note that everybody is looking in a different direction. Maybe it's a hereditary thing. Did I mention there's a goofball in every family?
And then there's my lovely family. We can look at the camera, but we can't coordinate our clothing or brush our hair. Must be a homeschooling thing.
Of course, since we were in San Diego, we were required to hit the beach. I think it's a federal mandate that all Arizonans must visit Coronado on a regular basis.

Uncle Jon and a few of his honeys. . . .

Brian's girls

Jon convinced the guys to make human churros. Can't you hear him giggling right now?

And here's my son falling for his uncle's tricks. (Note to Tait: Do NOT listen to Uncle Jon. Trust me, I speak from experience. You'll save yourself a world of trouble if you totally disregard everything he says. I'm just sayin'.)

And now for the truly disturbing . . . . Kissin' Cousins?

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