Tuesday, March 3, 2009


These are some of the goodies I scored at the thrift store last week. I actually got 4 of the exercise books, which are filled with lined paper.
The travel diary is pretty cool, but after a week of trying to rid it of the yucky smell of cigarette smoke, I gave up and threw it out. It reeked. Now somebody will probably post a comment with a surefire way to beat the stink, but it's too late. Yep, it's a goner.

Don't you just love the stationery? It's a postalette from Current! Remember those? You write on the blank side, fold it up, and seal it with a sticker. I got a couple of packs of postalettes, but there were only 3 of this awesome design. The others were kinda meh. I'm thinkin' with the wonder of the color copier I can keep this design alive for yet a while longer.

I also got a totally cool something else that I can't show you because I'm making it into a gift. Now if some certain grandparent would come out to see a spring training baseball game, and if said grandparent would bring along his wife (aka Mom) then maybe I could actually show you what I purchased and the awesome thing I have planned! (No pressure, Dad.)

Until then, you'll just have to wait. Sorry.

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