Monday, March 30, 2009

Where to Begin

Well, when you walk away for a week or so, it's kinda hard to get your groove back. To be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure where to start. I've got basketball games, birthday parties, trophies, ribbons, state championships, pinewood derby, and a host of crafty stuff to share with you. Because, you see, although I was away from blogger I wasn't exactly sitting on my tushie eating bonbons all day.

I have 726 pictures to offload from my camera. Lucky for you, I'm only going to show you 725 of them. For no particular reason, because it certainly isn't chronological, we will start at the pool.

Arizona Age Group State Championships, Short Course (that means yards instead of meters for the swimspeak illiterate)

Here we have some fine examples of the backstroke. No one particularly related to us, just practicing with the camera on some unsuspecting team mates.

Okay, now here's the little brother making ready for the 50 fly.

just breathe

And here he is again, getting ready to take off on the 50 free. If it seems rather chaotic behind the blocks, that would be because it is. Chaotic, I mean.

Breathing on the 50 free is overated, I say. Don't breathe. Just swim. Really fast.

Disclaimer: I'm not a swim coach. Don't take your coaching tips from me. I don't want anyone passing out in the pool doing lungbusters, so breathe if you must.

Only 713 more pictures to go.

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