Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grand Prix

So, this Grand Prix track is pretty amazing. Not a bit like the pinewood derby track my brothers raced on back in the day. And don't even get me started about back in the day. I'm not bitter that in Boys Brigade my brothers got to build derby cars and pumpkin seed kayaks that they took out on the bay while in Pioneer Girls I learned how to sew a doll and make tea. Oh no, I'm not bitter at all.Well, Lori, let's get back to the present. If memory serves, you last used your sewing machine a couple of days ago, and last we checked, the boys haven't built sea-worthy vessels since they were 12. Time to let it go.

Ok, then. They line these bad boys up on the trackthen let 'em fly!

This was the last Radcliffe hurrah. For some odd reason, we always try to go for speed. So far, that hasn't worked out too well for us. This year Brian was determined to win something, anything. Being the creative kid he is, he figured he would try for the best child-made car. Yes, that means the adults have to keep their hands off, though they are allowed to bestow their most helpful advice and oversight. I mean, come on, there are power tools involved. Someone has to make sure the kid finishes the project with all ten digits intact.

And lest you think the dads don't get overly competitive in these competitions, when the MC asked the younger division speed winners if they had even touched their cars prior to the evening, only 2 of the 6 raised their hands!

Can you spot the creative masterpiece?
Here it is at the finish line. It certainly didn't win its heat, but it didn't come in last either!

Yes, it's the one with the palm tree and half naked WWE wrestler basking under a heat lamp. And as you can see from the trophy in Brian's hand, he created a winner!

I don't know who made this one, but I thought it was clever. Note Jonah's legs protruding from the big fish's mouth. Mr. Big Fish looks as if he has a bit of indigestion.

I have to admit it was a long evening. I kept myself busy with taking pictures while Brian enjoyed time with his friends.
Ian did his share of hanging out with the guys too.

Some of the spectators, however, were forced to create their own entertainment.

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