Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A New Ride

Annika bought a car off ebay. It came from Chicago, covered in road salt. Road salt, what a curious thing. We don't have that in Arizona. We do have a lot of dust, however. (I don't know why I shared that; I guess I felt it was something you need to know. Maybe I'm feeling a tad bit guilty that I'm blogging instead of dusting, cuz goodness knows it's at least an inch thick around here.)

Signing the paperwork...

and checking out the interior.

Of course, it required a test drive. After the jump start.

Since Annika wasn't home when the car arrived, Tait filled in for her. This is a 13-year-old chomping at the bit to drive. Scary thought.

Sorry for the unfocused bit, but this scene cracked me up. Two guys checkin' under the hood. Seems pretty normal, right? Not these two guys. What are they looking at? They don't know a doggone thing about cars. But there they are, playing "Car Talk."

Finally Annika came home.
One happy camper!

Getting ready to take off. Yes, don't forget your seatbelt. That's how you got into all that trouble last time.

And off she goes!
Yes, I know. All our vehicles are the same color. We're boring that way.

Proud Mama alert: Annika passed the written portion of the driver's exam with 100% and the road test with 100% as well! Hooray!!

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Sam Talbert said...

Maybe all the cars are not the same color. Maybe they are all just covered with Arizona dust.