Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to Kill a Blog and Lose All Your Followers

1. Disappear for days on end.
2. Don't let anyone know where you are.
3. Neglect your twitter account.
4. Forsake your flickr account.
5. Ignore your emails.
6. Promise to post later, but don't follow through.
7. Apologize profusely to your readers, but still don't follow through.
8. Don't visit anyone else's blog.
9. And for heaven's sake, don't comment on anyone's blog.
10. Finally post something, but don't include pictures.

How am I doing so far?

This blog may actually have a fork in it.


Milah said...

I hadn't given up on you!;D

I figured your kids went to Mexico for spring break to party and were kidnapped, so you were out raising money to pay their ransom... or something like that.

Good to have you back!

i'm kelly said...

are you talking about me? because i think that's what i've done.

Heather Marie said...

I haven't given up on you!!! :)

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Well howdy-do! I've neglected my blog too ... but I have 3 exciting projects in the pipeline ... does that count?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hear you. That was funny! My stats have flatlined. There is no hope for my blog. But I'm okay with that! I'm still keeping up with ya, though!