Sunday, December 7, 2008

Amy's Ornaments

I have the most wonderfully creative daughter. Over the years she has made several ornaments. These are just a few of them! I wish I had put the date on them. What I can tell you is she was in the 6-11 range when she made these. What I love is how she would go around the house, find craft materials, and come up with these wonderful ideas. This was a popsicle stick and some twigs from the yard. Now it is Rudolph.
More yarn and twigs. Now we have Frosty.

A bead, a walnut shell from the street (the crows drop them to crack them and eat the nutmeat) and some cotton--Jesus!

Some paints and a shingle that blew off our roof in a strong wind. Now it's a nativity!

This one she created with polymer clay when she was 12 or 13 after she watched the Carol Duvall Christmas show. It's amazing. I'm still not entirely sure how she got all that clay inside there!
That's Amy--she's my crafty girl!

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