Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Arizona Snowflakes

Since we don't get much snow around these parts, sometimes we just have to manufacture our own. Here is one of the paper variety.

All folded up

and unfurled in its glory.I finally got myself a decent hole punch. It has a long reach, and more importantly, sharp edges. No more dealing with the hanging chad!

Random Fact: Did you know there is a town in Arizona named Snowflake? Yuppers, there is. Named after Mr. Snow and Mr. Flake. I'm not even kidding. In fact, one of Mr. Flake's descendants currently serves Arizona as a US Congressman--Jeff Flake. Maybe the Big Guy will meet him around town. I hear tell it snowed in DC today. Not that I got a phone call or anything. Nope, somebody is too busy playing football on the National Mall to call his sweet mother. And here I thought he went to Washington to help Mr. O solve all our woes.
Ok, back to business.
Here is some flaky felt.
Of course, everyone knows no two snowflakes are the same, which means lots of designing fun for me and Mr. Penquin.

Each snowflake gets paired with a light blue backing
and then they are stitched together with blue thread on top and white thread in the bobbin.

Random Fact #2-- Brian has an announcement: "I have chosen my life project." Really? Can you do that when you're only 11? "I will build my own car, using parts from all different cars." Good luck with that. I guess it's a life LONG project.
Gentle Reader,
Please pardon my sporadic outbursts of unrelated material. When my posts center on the domestic arts, my less feminine constituency become restless, and, dare I say it? Bored. I cannot afford to lose two of my most faithful readers--this gentleman and that. Consequently, I must occasionally throw out little crumbs of amusing tidbits for them. I do apologize.
Vincent Price, you slay me.
Vincent is not my son, as that would make me incredibly old, and well, I'm old enough, thank you very much. World domination, how appropos.
(sporadic outburst, I'm so sorry)

Where were we? Oh yes, snowflakes. In Arizona.
Now for the fun part! After it's all stitched up, you cut away the excess to reveal the flaky beauty. You know, kinda like that Michaelangelo dude and his block of marble.
I was able to whip up this flurry thanks to Molly over at purlbee. Pink snowflakes. Who knew?

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Cathy said...

Brian has been influenced by Sam...just a little?