Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mr. Radcliffe Goes to Washington

If you follow my Twitter stream at all, you know what we've been working on for the last few days--getting this big goofball ready for his semester in Washington, DC.

He'll be completing an internship for the grand finale of his college career, which will hopefully transition nicely into some sort of career path. Well, that's the plan anyway!
He may be all dressed up in his fancy sport coat and trousers (he informed me just recently that gentlemen wear "trousers," not "pants," and they most definitely do not wear "britches")
but he's still just a big kid!

(And yes, I confess, that is my extreme mess on the dining room table!)


Milah said...

Ah ha! Your dining room table looks like mine!
Wow, your son is going to washington this weekend.....awesome! Does he plan to crash any parties? Tell him to send you pictures. LOL! BTW, he looks handsome.

Hey, after monday night there's gonna be a lot of openings at the White House. Of course, all the top jobs have already been taken....

Anonymous said...

He looks very handsome and distinguished. Should be lots of fun in Washington now. Hope it leads to his dream job.