Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey! You Got Your Peanut Butter on my Chocolate!

I'm testing out my Valentine chocolates. I saw these online and figured I could probably make them at home, which is a good thing because chocolate that gets mailed to Arizona doesn't often weather the journey very well.

I started with some basic chocolate chips...
which I melted in the microwave.

Then I spread the melted chocolate in the plastic mold. Yes, I know this is the cheater way of making truffles, and all you true chocolatiers are having conniption fits just about now, but this is what works for me. Sheesh, even the kid at Michael's who sold me the mold had an opinion on how to properly create a truffle.

After I spread the chocolate around, I held it up to the light to make sure I got good coverage. Wouldn't want that yummy filling to seep through! Then I popped the whole thing in the freezer to harden.

Once the shell was nice and firm, I filled those little babies! First, a little dab of straight up peanut butter...followed by a marshmallow fluff chaser.
I kind of spread the filling a little bit with my fingers, because I sort of overfilled them a little bit, but that just meant more licking for me! Wait, that sounds a little unsanitary. Okay, well, um, I spread the filling a little bit with my very clean finger, then I licked my finger, then I sanitized my hands before proceeding to spread the filling a little bit with my finger which I then licked...oh, who am I kidding? I've got ten fingers. I used them one at a time, then licked them, then washed up and wiped my mouth when I was all done.

Back to the truffles...I put more melted chocolate on top, which is really the bottom, and then put the whole shebang back in the freezer. Actually, the garage freezer, because everyone in the family knows that's the colder freezer; the one in the house gets opened too often because around here somebody is always standing in front of an open fridge/freezer looking for something else to eat. You'd think I never feed them, but I've got the dirty dishes to prove that I do!

Once the truffles completely chilled, I popped them out of the mold. Mmm-mmm-mmm!

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Anonymous said... those look divine or what???

Now I have something else to wreck our "healthy eating plan!"

I will be trying these out for sure...thanks for sharing the recipe:-)