Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crafting Japanese

Currently I'm completely obsessed with Japanese craft magazines. I am not, however, obsessed with paying ten bucks or so to have one shipped to me from Japan. So I'm on the prowl in the used bookstores around town. Here's what I've found so far:

This is actually a book, not a magazine. And it's written in English, which is like a little bonus surprise. It's amazing that felt can actually make your mouth water, but it can! There are some seriously cute sweets in this book. I'm just not sure that I need felt donuts and such laying around the house reminding me that I really really want a donut, a real one!

Look, felt chocolates! Perfect for the diabetic in your life.

This is my favorite project in the book, although they're not really sweets...happy french fries! I crack up every time I see them. You have to admit, the tic tacs are pretty darn cute too.

Well, one book and I'm hooked. I need more. This is where my trusty sidekick comes in. Sometimes I just call her Mom. Since she lives in San Diego where there are actually Japanese markets, I sent her on a quest for Cotton Time, the magazine I most covet. Apparently, I am not the only one who covets this particular periodical, and so the market was sold out. Ok, well, they only get in 4 copies of each issue, but at least you don't have to pay shipping!

Being the resourceful Depression Baby that she is, she located a used bookstore right next to the market that was loaded with just the sort of publication we were looking for. Here are two of them:

The beauty of these magazines is the $3.50 price tag. And yes, they are written in Japanese, which, no, I cannot read, but yes, the pictorial directions are very detailed, just like every other obsessed crafter has mentioned on their blog, and yes, I am going to make a project or two (or three) using these directions. (Just a little aside: one of my kid's swim coaches is Japanese, so if I get really stuck I can ask him for a quick translation.)

And now for some of the cute projects that have caught my eye...

Coffee filter holders (I won't be making these though, because I have one of these now.)

Check out the teacup patchwork on this bag.

I love the lace and linen look on this bag.

These patchwork bags look fun.

Is this not the sweetest flower purse? Love it!

I'll leave you with a little Valentine goodie.

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Milah said...

My favorite are the little white towels with red embroidery.