Friday, January 23, 2009

The Second Revenge of Fire Guy Again

This is Brian's latest comic book. Maybe his next step will be his own zine. (That link is for you, Mom.) And okay, I'm just gonna be upfront with it. The kid is experimenting with language, if you know what I mean, trying to be edgy in his own 11-year-old way. Never fear, no swear words were employed in the creation of this comic, although he dances right up to the line.

Here's the frame-by-frame rundown. The bad guy's bullets are bouncing off Super Dad.

Another day saved

He hears a cry for help off in the distance
Super Dad meets his nemesis Fire Guy. FG is not exactly happy. "Oh *#$!," he exclaims. "It's you!"
I'm going to kick your
astronaut food! Hee hee!

"Holy Shin Surgery!" Fire Guy suddenly realizes Super Dad means business.

Well, as I'm typing this out and following along in the comic book, I realize I've left out a frame. That would be when Super Dad picks up Fire Guy and heaves him into the sky.
And, as we all know, what goes up, must eventually come down. This is an aerial shot of FG. Notice the oil tanker below him. "Noooooooooooo!"


The End


Milah said...

I love how little boys dream about super heros. Yours is quite creative! I love the tanker truck. Great perspective.

Sam Talbert said...

hooray for you Brian. Keep drawing you are one creative and imaginative guy. Who knows what else is hidden in that head of yours.