Monday, January 5, 2009

Something Rotten This Way Comes

I seriously pooped out this holiday season. Sorry for no posts! I got sick, had company, several migraines, blah, blah, don't want to hear my excuses! I'll try to catch you up with my very exciting life over the next few posts. In the meantime, do you know what happens when you don't nag your kid to empty his backpack before the holiday break?

Gross, isn't it? But wait, there's more.

Dare we open it, so I can save my little tuppie? Nope, in the trash she goes, along with 3 others. No wonder I couldn't find any tuppies for my leftovers this Christmas.

What have we next? Anyone hungry for a sandwich or two?

What was this yummy confection? I can't even tell you. I don't know. But it is completely mushy and gooey now. What say we don't open this one either.

If I were prone to using foul language, I might be tempted just about now. an OUTRAGE!!

I almost never buy name brand goodies because 1) they're too stinkin' expensive and 2) they're full of unhealthfulness. But some kid talked me into it, and because I was feeling the generous holiday spirit I fell for it.

I know this has been sitting in the foulest of backpacks for two whole weeks, but somebody is gonna eat this thing, doggonit! I'm fairly certain its shelf life will prevent the partaker from becoming ill.

These pictures don't even represent half of what was extricated from said backpack. And I wish there were a way I could replicate the aroma for you so you could fully appreciate the Queen of All Unintentional Science Experiments. Because that's what this microbial madness reminds me of.


Milah said...

Good to see you blogging again! Funny post!

Michele said...

I had the same disgusting experience myself this morning. I don't think my daughter ate any of her lunch on the last day before break. I found a moldy orange and strawberries. Citrus has a very distinctive odor when left to rot...her lunch box still stinks.

Cathy said...

I went through the same thing this morning! Why don't we check these things the last day of school?

Maria said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha !!