Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

I'm participating in a button swap this week, as in you give me 10 of your coolest buttons and I'll give you 10 of mine. So I've been sifting through my buttons over and over, trying to choose the 10 most giveable buttons. A couple of them are impossible to part with. And one I can't even use in a craft of my own, much less give it to a complete and total stranger! This sweet little ladybug has been in my mom's button tin forever, and now it lives in mine. Fortunately for my button buddy, I found a replica to send to her, so she can have her own ladybug in her own button tin.
I also made a few covered buttons to send. Love the cupcakes!
I actually intended to make little tiny red and white mushrooms, as you can see from my little prototype. I'm glad I changed my mind; cupcakes are much less poisonous and yummier all the way around!
A quirky little button ring is going in the package too. I love the button ring I got from Nikki; I wear it almost every day and get the funniest comments about it. People either totally ignore it (which is kinda hard to do, since it's BIG) or ooh and aah over it. I made a few (okay, about 10) rings for fun, and now my girls want some. One of their friends has informed me she likes purple, you know, just in case I want to make her one too!
If you need a quirky button ring so people can ignore your weird taste in jewelry or admire your totally cool creativity and fun sense of style, go here. Lots of fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

Visiting from "Country Doctor's Wife"....

Love your have a beautiful family and it looks like you all have such fun!!

I'll be back to visit soon :-)

janiece said...

Lori, your cupcake button is utterly cute and very creative as are the other covered buttons. I can't believe I let that ladybug fly away from home. boohoo....There's a vendor at Road to California that is totally devoted to vintage
buttons and trims which Linda and I have committed to pursue on Saturday. Put your requests in now.