Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Twenty-four years ago...

two kids got married...

Recently, Brian had to interview us for an assignment. Here is his take on our marriage. (The "unexplainable" makes me giggle!)

The Story of My Parents
by Brian, age 11

My parents have been married for almost 24 years. Wow! That is a long time! They met at a wonderful place we like to call church. Here's a surprising thing. They only knew each other for three months before they decided to get married. They were only engaged for four months. That's a grand total of seven months!

They try to keep God first in their marriage by keeping God first in their lives. They go to church together and serve together. They pray and read the Bible.

My parents do a lot of stuff to show that they love each other. Some are not explainable! They speak kindly to each other, give each other gifts, and help each other. You can really tell they like each other. My dad learned right away how to be a servant. He had to clean up Mommy barf on their honeymoon.

My parents have six wonderful, amazing kids! My mom's advice is keep God in your marriage and don't let the babies crowd Him out. When you have a lot of kids it can cut your relationship with God so you have to be careful to protect that.

That just goes to show you that my parents love each other and respect each other. I know their marriage will keep going and get better as they go!

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Milah said...

He cleaned up mommy's barf on their honeymoon! How sweet is that?

What a sweet story and what a Godly example set before the kids!

BTW, Cute Couple!