Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do

So those Halloween worries of kids getting run down by crazy teenagers wasn't so far off the mark this year, as evidenced by this year's Halloween drama. Our kids and their friend were followed by a teen who eventually swooped in for the snatch, grabbing our friend's candy bag and making a run for it. To make matters worse, the snatcher had a driver who was speeding through the neighborhood with his lights off. Thanks to the quick thinking of some of the neighbors, the police were called in. Let me just say that a police weapon was drawn, handcuffs were used, parents were called, and my boys had their own private little showing of COPS, Phoenix-style. According to Annika's government teacher, the incident was even mentioned on the news, although we missed it due to The Great Candy Swap that was taking place in the living room.

I'm not entirely convinced that trick or treating is really worth risking life and limb, just for a little (okay, a lot of) sugar that makes us cranky anyway. I'm just sayin'.

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