Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hooray Hooray for Christmas Ornaments!

As you may have gathered from my crafty owl and emo owl posts, I participated in this fun ornament exchange this year.

blogger ornament exchange
Guess what?! My ornament arrived! Except it wasn't one ornament; it was FOUR!! It was so much fun to see a little package by my front door! (Whoa, can ya tell I'm a little excited?)

The package came all the way from The Land of Texas, from a sweet lady named Frieda. Here's what she sent me:
This fun little guy is full of styrofoam beads that wiggle around when Santa moves.

Frieda stitched these next two with her embroidery machine. Aren't they beautiful? It's amazing that they are just thread! They are really thin, almost like a stiff piece of paper, and just as delicate as can be.

Here they are practicing for their debut on the tree, because even though the trees are up at the mall, mine doesn't go up until AFTER Thanksgiving!Thank you, Frieda!

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Frieda said...

I am really glad you like them. I can never, ever choose just one ornament(ask my DH). They are one of my favorite things and I have alot of different kinds. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Frieda