Wednesday, November 19, 2008

in which Owl goes on a diet and gets an emo haircut

Okay, so the more I looked at that chubby little owl, the more it looked like a weird owl-puppy hybrid. The wings resembled floppy puppy ears and the thing on the top of the head which was supposed to represent head feathers just looked like a graduation cap to me. Overall, the proportions just didn't seem right--the thing looked more like Bob the Tomato with puppy ears and a paper on top of his head than the cute little owl I pictured in my mind!

Back to the drawing board, which, who am I kidding? It's really just a super messy dining room table. Owl dropped a gusset, getting a slimmer, trimmed down profile. Wish I could drop me a gusset.

Then he went and got himself an emo haircut, because I made that little headcap thing rectangular instead of square, and it wouldn't line up with the point between the eyes. To use my new vocabulary word, it went all wonky on me. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked Owl's sassy sense of style, so the wonky 'do stayed.
To top it all off, Owl underwent a bit of rhinoplasty as well. He is from Scottsdale, after all. I'm kind of surprised he didn't go in for teeth whitening too.

Today Owl flew the coop. Off to Maine. Hope he's not in for too much of a weather shock. It's my understanding that Maine is a wee bit cooler than Arizona!
And Chubby will stay at home with me. Because, for all his flaws, I rather like the little fellow. He seems to be more of a homebody than his spunky little brother.

These little owls will not be available for sale in my Etsy shop that doesn't exist yet (well, it exists in my mind, does that count?) because you can already get totally cute little whoooters here and here. I've created my two of a kind (sort of) masterpieces, and I'm movin' on. Maybe Chubby Apples or Chubby Bell Peppers next.


janiece said...

The ears look great,he's a cutie.

Jaclyn said...

looks like a lot of fun