Monday, November 3, 2008

Missouri Loves Company

I got my fall leaves fix in Independence, Missouri, this weekend. I tell ya, cactus just doesn't do it for me when it comes to fall colors. I scampered around like a little squirrel, gathering up my autumn goodies, packing them away in my suitcase, and hauling them back to sunny Phoenix.

First we visited the Bingham Waggoner Estate, which unfortunately just closed for the winter. We prowled around, sat on the porch, and hopped over the bridge in the back lot to see the wagon train swales, which I wouldn't have recognized if it weren't for the guidebook. (And in case you're wondering, a swale is a rut in the ground from thousands of wagons passing over.)

Then we visited Bess and Harry Truman's lovely home, which surprisingly had the same wallpaper in the kitchen that we had in our California home when I was growing up, and no I am not that old! The Trumans also had the same chandelier in the dining room that Ian and I had in our last house, only the Trumans didn't have a rambunctious little boy who jumped up from the table, hit his head on the chandelier, and broke it. Also, theirs was much less dusty than mine was. Wouldn't it be lovely to have National Park rangers to dust your chandelier for you?

We'll see what I can manage to do with those leaves tomorrow.

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Milah said...

I have an interesting thought...the homes we grew up in could eventually become museums? Hmmm, Of course we would have to become president or famous like Elvis before that could happen. That would be funny! I grew up in a ranch home with wall to wall shag carpet, and wallpaper that had these huge palm leaves in green and gold. Very 70's! Funny now.

That's pretty cool about the wall paper and chandelier. I bet you got a kick out of that! And about those swales....I've seen pictures of them but I didn't know they were called swales. Around our farm we call 'em ruts. LOL

Glad you got to see your friend and the fall leaves. Too bad you didn't get to the steamboat museum....that's on my to-do list someday.