Wednesday, November 26, 2008

in which Big Guy plays the part of the Big Dog

You may remember that the Big Guy was slated to play Nana in his school's production of Peter Pan. Being the true stage mom that I am, I got special permission from the director (whew, I feel important now, and why am I letting myself feel intimidated by a college kid for heaven's sake?!) to take some pictures while the actors were warming up.

So, the truth is, I'm not very pushy, and I try to be sort of a little teensy bit sensitive to embarrassing the heck out of my kids. That's my lame excuse anyway. The majority of these pictures came about because the Big Guy handed off my camera to a cute photography major who actually knows what she's doing. The others came from The Land to Which I am Forbidden to Go.

This was a super fun production with lots of audience participation and imagination required. We felt that after lots of bark coaching from our Resident Puppy (otherwise known as Annika) Geoff performed his role admirably. We especially enjoyed the nod to the famous Hannah the Dog Attempts to Drag Baby Colin into the Bushes while Geoff Hangs on for Dear Life and All the Children in the Backyard Scream at the Top of their Lungs incident, a moment that has obviously gone down in the annals of Radcliffe folklore.

What has been weird about this whole experience is the gender confusion. I speak of Nana as a she, because, well, she is a she. I speak of my son as a he, because, once again, a "he" he is. And I guess I'm not enough of a method actor's mom to think of my son, or even speak of my son, my manly man son, as a she. Call me old fashioned. Enslaved to gender specific roles, even. I'm just sayin'.

You'll notice that because of his superior acting skills, the Big Guy played 2 roles in this production. (Okay, never you mind that so did several of the other actors; he's brilliant, I tell you, BRILLIANT!) Hence, the little boy garb as we see Nana play the part of Curly, Lost Boy Extraordinaire.

Apparently, acting is quite the workout.

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Milah said...

I love the picture of your son holding those girls in a head lock! LOL!

I'm thinking about joining a theatre group somewhere....I need a good workout! Better than Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons!