Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Owl and Turkey

Today was a day o' art!

Brian worked on his project...

and I worked on mine.

We found the turkey at Art Projects for Kids which has a ton of project ideas that we will definitely be adding to our school day.

I've done this type of artwork before with the older kids, but this was by far the easiest method for sgraffito that we have ever tried! Using oil pastels instead of regular crayons makes a HUGE difference.

My project is a combination of ideas that I have been gathering for a few weeks now. I had a lot of fun putting this chubby little owl together and decorating him.

He'll be heading off to Maine in a couple of days as part of an online ornament exchange that I am participating in. I hope he enjoys his new home!


janiece said...

Hoooooo, pretty cut

janiece said...

Lori,I meant c u t e! not cut. I typed a long comment and it wouldn't go, so I lost it. Regardless, this is pretty creative, liked your combination of textures. You'll be selling these if the word gets out.

Lori R said...

No way. Too labor intensive. As Ian would point out, my hourly wage would be ridiculously low. So, this is a one of a kind labor of love!