Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Here's a fun idea for leaf prints and handprint turkeys. Just to let you know how long ago I did this project, the largest handprint goes with the big guy up there on the right in the banner. The smallest handprint belongs to the tall kid with the glasses! Colin was only two when we made his little turkey; now he's a big cheese 15-year-old!

We made the Indian corn with fingerprints. If I could do the project over again, I would embroider the words instead of using fabric crayons. Or better yet, use the crayons and let the kids write the words. Maybe, let them letter it in pencil, and then Mom could go over it in crayon or embroidery. I would have loved to preserve their handwriting as well as their little handprints. Trust me, it goes by all too quickly!


Milah said...

Thanks for posting this!!! My daughter is going to borrow this idea for her Little Kid Zone class this sunday!

Jaclyn said...

i could cry this is soo cute!! i think i remember it too.. there were lots of hand turkeys around that time

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh, I love doing those turkey handprints with my girls! I've never seen the corn done that way---ADORABLE!!!

Oh, & I've just listed a few large fork easels in the shop if you wanna look!