Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Big Guy

Let me introduce you to the big guy.

When he was little, I heard an old wives' tale that went something like this: measure your kid at age 2, double the number, and you'll find out how tall he'll be as an adult. What could be the harm? So I measured the little dude--3 foot 3 inches. What?! I figured that tale was a load of hoo-ey, and so I didn't bother measuring the rest of the kiddos when they turned 2.
Fast forward 19 years. Guess what? He's just a tad under 6'6" and claims he's still gonna bust out another inch before he's finished!
He's currently a senior at Biola University in California, a fine institution if I must say so myself. (It happens to be my alma mater, as well as my mom's, dad's, and brother's, so you can see we're just a tad biased.) He is majoring in political science, and if all goes as planned he will be spending the spring in DC and then graduating shortly thereafter. I'm sure ruling the Western hemisphere is on his to-do list, so stay tuned to future elections and be sure to vote for G-Man.
Here he is with his cousin Jaclyn (she doesn't want to rule the world; she's too busy going to hippie school)
and with little bro and little cuz .
Geoff's favorite quote when torturing younger siblings and cousins: "If you can talk, you can breathe." Translation: "I'm not getting up off of you just because you claim you're being squished." Hmmm...I hope this doesn't reflect his thoughts on foreign policy.
(Disclaimer: no children were harmed in the making of this photo; it only appears as if they are unable to breathe. Trust me--they were still yappin'.)
In November he'll be appearing in a production of Peter Pan. Yes, I know you're thinking he'd make a wonderful Captain Hook, what with his booming deep voice and all. The director, however, neglected to consult me, and cast him instead as . . . are you ready for this?
The dog.
I guess size counts for something.


Maria said...

ha ha !

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Anonymous said...

He is a very handsome young man!