Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cell City, USA

I have been trying for a week to get my little patchwork baskets finished. They are going to look so sweet, and I can't wait to share them with you! But I guess there's a reason I don't get the sewing machine out very often. Tonight, I actually heard myself saying/calling out in despair, "Be careful! Don't get hot glue on my fabric!" We were in the middle of . . . .


What the heck? Another science project? We all know how I feel about science projects! This one was to take all the parts of a cell, and make them into a model of a city, hence the very creative name "Cell City." Now I just need to take a moment to thank Mrs. Langland for assigning this lovely project and ask, "Why did you change it up from the make-a-cake-and-decorate-it-like-a-cell project? We liked that one much better." I have totally made that cell cake 3 times already; I'm practically a pro!

So here are a few photos of Colin's half-finished science project. Let me just point out that this is a group project. Note that tonight the group consists of me and Colin.

Cell City Town Hall (the nucleus)

Cell City Park, complete with picnic table (lysosomes)

plastic deer grazing under the plastic tree

Cell City Dump (vacuole), cuz every city needs one. Notice the howling guard dog.

Cell City Delivery (rough ER, don't ask me, it's not the tv show)

Cell City Wind Towers (mitochondria)
Hey! I wonder if Daddy's company manufactured those towers?!
Notice my lovely Cell City manicure.

I hope I get a good grade in this class. I'm just sayin'.


Milah said...

That's adorable....looks like your putting in some quality one-on-one time there. Ahhh...nice mom!

Anonymous said...

Do you know I was halfway through your post before I realized you weren't talking about a CELL PHONE that you were taking a part to build your little city? I need to drink that fourth cup of coffee real quick.

I've tagged you on my blog. Check it out when you can.