Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Same Student, Different Cut

Birthday girl got a hair cut this afternoon. Justin the student did another fine job. Somebody needs to hire that guy.
A little interview with the birthday girl:
Mom: Why do you feel compelled to stick out your tongue like that?
BG: Mo-om! It's boring to just stand there and smile.
Mom: Who's the pink dude?
BG: My birthday buddy. Jon made him for me. Isn't he shweet?
Mom: So you're a Texas longhorn now?
BG: Ma! I'm a Firebird, and next year I'll be a Fighting Artichoke.
Mom: An artichoke. Seriously.

Disclaimer: Ok, I just totally made that interview up. Whatever. It's journalistic license. And yes, that's a foosball table in my living room. In my living room.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My daughter cut her hair off, too, and it's very similar to your daughter's.

Looks really cute.