Thursday, October 16, 2008

They Ain't Heavy, My Little Brothers

I grew up with two goofball little brothers. People always thought they were twins, but they're not. One's blue eyed and the other is brown eyed. But the buzz cut kinda threw everybody off. And the fact that they're only 16 months apart didn't help.
As their older sister, I felt compelled to keep them in mean...boss them, I them in the way they should go...oh, who am I kidding? They never listened to me, so I stayed in my room and read books. Lots of them. While they wreaked havoc on the neighborhood.

Here they are in high school. I think the girls thought they were hunky, but eeeww, they're my brothers. And let me just add...having little brothers stinks on ice. First, they bug you half to death, pretty much for your whole life, and second, they don't bring home cute friends that are old enough to date. I think I got totally gypped. Well, that's okay, I found my own hottie hubbie without any help from them, thank you very much.

And here they are all growed up. I think Mom, Dad, and I did a fine job raising them. They turned out to be halfway decent after all. But only halfway. Cuz they're still pretty annoying. And I'm still the favorite. And I can say whatever I want since they refuse to read my blog. Something about being too busy fighting fires or saving souls or some such nonsense. Whatever.
Read about them here. (edited to add: this article is not related to current fires or relief efforts; this happened a couple of years ago, but still pretty cool to read about)

Watch the pastor/comedian. He's such a third child it's ridiculous.


Milah said...

Hey Lori! I see where you've been blog-stalking me! That's okay, you can come over to my back porch anytime! LOL!
Love your blog too! Adorable family and very lively! Love today's post about your brothers. It sounds like their church is very similar to mine. It rocks!
I would like to make a donation to the wildfire relief effort...where do I send my check? Also, I am on the missions committee at my church, I will bring this up at our next meeting.
Blessings, to you and your family.

Lori R said...

Thanks, Milah! The Almaden article is actually from their archives, but I guess they don't put dates on their stories (weird). These fires happened a couple of years ago. Sorry if that was misleading! If you want to check out what Jon's church is up to, go on my sidebar and click on his blog. They are doing a big AIDS walk this Sunday. The church is showing up in the community in a big way on this one!

Milah said...

Oh, I gotcha! I was watching CNN the other night and they were reporting about wildfires in California. I assumed your post and the current wildfires were all the same. Us midwesterners are a little!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh! This video was so funny! Which one was your brother? Or both?

They are very talented!

Lori R said...

Jon is the "man in black"--the one with the stylin' cucumber mask. When the video shows the wives, his is the cutie with the dark hair!