Sunday, October 19, 2008

Your Favorite and Mine, Football!

Just because I haven't said anything about football lately, doesn't mean it isn't happening. Oh yeah, it's happening. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It just keeps coming.

Remember, it's 65. He's the man.

Hey 65! Whatcha doin' over there with the Gilbert team?

Get on over here with us.

We've got stuff to talk about. Yeah, stuff.

See, I'm gonna throw this here ball.

And you're gonna run around and look important.

And do stuff. Yeah, I want you to do football stuff.

And your mom can take the pictures. Tell her to just keep her eye on the ball. We'll take care of the rest.

Hey, 65! Does your mom have ADD or something? Tell her EYES ON THE BALL! This is a football game, for cryin' out loud...


Milah said...

I know absolutely nothing about football. I just don't get it. But your #65 sure is cute!

Anonymous said...

You take great pictures. What kind of camera do you own? In the top picture next to your number 65 is number 22 "Roach" which happens to be my last name.