Friday, October 3, 2008

More Birthday Stuff

because birthdays last for about a week at our house

dinner at Chipotle

Surprise! There are presents! (We totally convinced her the only present she was getting this year was her cell phone renewal--I know, we're the meanest parents in the world.)

She was more than a little excited to see the bags and boxes from the Disney store...

the next best thing to the real thing

but hey Joe, just cuz you're famous doesn't mean you can escape the grilling from dear ole dad

Wait! There's more...a genuine live action Joe Jonas figure, complete with cell phone, CD player, and microphone. Notice the reaction of the little brothers.

Wuv, twue wuv

Annika! NO naked Joes allowed! She claimed she had to undress him to get all the twist ties off of him so she could get him unattached from the packaging...somehow this just seems fundamentally wrong on so many levels...


Sam Talbert said...

Hey! Who is the old guy with the gray beard?

Lori R said...

We call that a "scrub brush." :)