Wednesday, October 15, 2008

in which Hobo Kelly doesn't see Lori, AGAIN

Tuesday night is Awana night at our church. Guess who teaches Sparky Council Time? Yours truly!

Last night's lesson was "God Sees Me," hence the Hobo Kelly glasses. Apparently, Hobo Kelly was strictly a SoCal girl, with a brief run in Portland. And apparently I wasn't the only kid in LA and Orange County that was disenchanted with loveable old Kelly because she couldn't see me with her magic glasses. I mean, come on, why couldn't she look in the camera with those goofy glasses and tell me that I had a present under my bed just like she told all the other kids?!

As luck (?) would have it, I still remember that feeling of not being seen, of not being noticed, which was the perfect segue into talking about the One who always sees, the One who sees everything I do, good and bad, the One who sees all the way into my heart. He's the One who knows me perfectly, and isn't that what we all want--to be known and and to be loved?

I told the kids, it's a little scary sometimes to think that God is always watching, especially when we are being naughty, but that only reminds us to be good. But I'm glad that God pays attention to me, and notices when I choose to obey Him even if nobody else ever knows. I'm glad that He sees into my heart and that He knows me so well. And I'm especially glad that He loves me!

Proverbs 15:3
The eyes of the Lord are in every place,
Watching the evil and the good.

1 Samuel 16:7b
God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance,
but the Lord looks at the heart.



Anonymous said...

Great scriptures!

Maria said...

wonderful!!! Darn we missed that night at Awanas!!!

Jeanine said...

I do remember Hobo Kelly. Impressive lesson for the kids. I taught Awana and Sunday school, amazing how God can put the thoughts, words and sentiment to such good use.