Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Bruhaha

This year, after surfing the web and finding this and this and this, I convinced Brian he should be a werewolf too. And this year, I'm thinking that visibility might be a good thing, considering that last year I let him dress all in black with an invisibility mask to boot, and then proceeded to worry all night that he was going to get run over by a crazy teen driver who would say, "Dude! I never even saw him!" that a full moon I see?

This year Tait will be a football player--AJ Hawk to be precise--no big surprise there. You gotta say one thing about the kid--at least he's consistent.

Colin will be whatever a 15-year-old can dig out of an old dress up box.

Annika will be at the movies.

And I? I shall be where I've never been before...

Kansas City, Missouri!

1 comment:

Milah said...

That is a really awesome costume! Good Job!

Kansas City! If you have time stop by the Steamboat Museum. I'm serious!