Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Confessions of a Braindead Swim Mom

If you're thinking all we ever do over here is swim and play football, you would be correct. Well, that's what the kids do. I drive. A lot.

So, last week we had another swim meet. Guess what? We have another one next Friday. And probably the next Friday too. And lucky for you, I'll be there with my camera to catch every blessed moment of it.

Confession: Sometimes I can't even tell which one is my kid. At football games they have numbers, so that helps. But when I go back and look at pictures, I usually look at the shoes and socks to verify identity. Unfortunately, in swim, they don't wear shoes or socks as a general rule.
So I'm forced to look at tan lines. This could be Annika, but then again, maybe not.

You would think this is Annika, based on the Radcliffe on her cap and all, but it's not. You know in football they don't allow you to share jerseys. You know why they do that? So the moms can tell which kid is theirs. Swimming oughta have a rule. I'm just sayin'.

This kid? Not a Radcliffe. Nope. Not even close. Those dang Radcliffe kids are everywhere.

Oop, here comes one now. This one is the real deal. Hint for non-family readers: it's the freckles. We're kinda famous for them.

And in he goes.

Here' s Papa Rad doin' what he loves best...yakkin' about sports...on the mike...to anyone who'll listen...

And I'll just keep taking pictures.....


Milah said...

I remember those days..in the fall it was golf, in the winter it was basketball and in the spring it was tennis. (lucky me, I only had one sport each season) I refused to let them play baseball only because we live on a farm...there was no time for sports in the summer!
Savor these moments...you will get your life back in a few short years. Then you'll take up quilting or needlepoint only because your simply worn out from all that running around. As for now, keep posting those pictures, I enjoyed that time of my life and honestly miss it. :o)

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

My best friend Tia is a swim mom too.
I LOVE that action shot in the water!...& I adore the freckles. (Someday some girl will swoon for those magnificent freckles.)